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AutoHook Powered By Urban Science Names SOCIALDEALER An Official API Partner

AutoHook powered by Urban Science announced their official partnership with SOCIALDEALER, the leading provider of social media marketing and reputation management for the automotive industry. As part of their API Partner Program, SOCIALDEALER will have access to AutoHook’s exclusive redemption platform and award-winning attribution engine at no cost to them or their dealer clients.


SOCIALDEALER can now plug in AutoHook’s private offers and showroom visit validation data to further increase lead conversion rates and prove in-store sales attributed to their specific social campaigns. Integrating with AutoHook’s API allows them to provide dealers with targeted incentives within Facebook Ad Units and Facebook Messenger.

Mutual dealer clients of both AutoHook and SOCIALDEALER will be able to add AutoHook’s private offers into their ad campaigns run through SOCIALDEALER. Through a vast network of data partners, SOCIALDEALER will use AutoHook’s redemption rail system to serve inventory-specific test-drive offers with prepopulated form fields, so all the customer has to do is hit submit. Conversion will increase because the lead form is already filled out with the shopper’s name and contact information.

This partnership is so powerful because it makes it faster and easier for consumers to submit a lead for a test drive while engaging with a dealer’s social content. Incentive offers will be inventory-specific and fully customizable. For instance, if a customer looks at a vehicle on a dealer’s website and later goes on Facebook, SOCIALDEALER will strategically plug in AutoHook’s incentive offers in a very targeted, mobile-optimized way that no one else on the market can execute.

AutoHook leads the industry in driving quality showroom traffic into dealerships at an extremely low cost per sale. Furthermore, powered by Urban Science sales match data, AutoHook has created a truly unparalleled attribution engine, allowing them to provide reporting that proves their solutions resulted in incremental sales and new to brand buyers for dealers and OEMs.

“The beauty in this partnership is that we can inextricably follow the consumer’s purchase journey across social channels to further validate the source that led to a sale,” said David Metter, President of AutoHook powered by Urban Science. “With consumer engagement metrics rising on social media, this partnership is the ideal opportunity to provide additional ROI to dealers without charging integration fees.”

Dealers typically incur a cost when two vendors integrate their technologies with one another, but that is not the case with AutoHook’s API Partner Program. This is the type of partnership that benefits both dealers and online vehicle consumers. “There are two main reasons why this partnership just makes sense and is what dealers have been looking for. First, it provides an online incentive to a highly-engaged car shopper, in a social way. Second, as we know, dealers must track ROI, increase showroom visits, and increase sales. As the first social media agency to bring an ROI platform to market, SOCIALDEALER understands defining ROI. This is the next level of attribution that no one else in market is providing, and why we chose to partner with AutoHook,” says Sean Seltzer, CEO of SOCIALDEALER.

By integrating AutoHook’s Open API into SOCIALDEALER’S Media platform, dealers now have a one-stop shop in offering incentives across all consumer touch points including their website, dynamic display pages, lead ads, and Messenger AI, all through Facebook’s ad platform.

About AutoHook, powered by Urban Science
AutoHook, powered by Urban Science provides private incentive offers that convert at every touchpoint. Their solutions integrate across all three automotive tiers to drive more incremental sales, more new to brand buyers, more showroom visits, and optimum conversion rates across channels. AutoHook has shattered the trend of vague industry metrics with concise attribution reporting that proves actual ROI. No other digital endeavor has come close to mastering AutoHook’s ability to attribute all showroom visits and sales to a single campaign while delivering show rates of up to twice the national average.

For more information, please visit or call (855) 532-3274.

SOCIALDEALER is a leading provider of social media marketing and reputation management, as a full-service agency and development center. The leadership team of Joe Castle and Sean Seltzer are true car guys, and dealers, both having over 20 years experience in the industry not only with their vast knowledge of automotive social technology, but also dealership operations and OEM executive management.


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